Friday, March 9, 2012

Live...Like Someone Left The Gate Open

A friend of mine posted this photo on her fp page, and I was totally overcome. It made me laugh out loud, and I just stared at the picture of this dog, and the expression on his/her face. Just look at the eyes...the tongue hanging out of his/her mouth - and how at least 3 of its legs are off the ground! This dog has places to go, people to see, and adventures to be had! Look behind it. Nothing but open space. Just imagine this joyful little dog running around the area - TOP SPEED just looking for whats next! Not cowering, or walking cautiously round, worrying or even fearing what may be around the next corner, or over the next hill. Just as happy as you please, investigating, experiencing, smelling, tasting, looking around - just thrilled to be alive!
This little pooch isn't worried about how he/she looks, or if other dogs think he/she is 'good enough', or playing the right way. It is just happy to be alive - happy to be exploring the world!

What if, just for a moment...someone had left YOUR gate open? What would you be 'free' to do, explore or investigate? Whatever your 'gate' may be, that which you believe is holding you back or restricting you - what if that was left open, and you had, right in front of you, a whole wide open world to explore?

What would you do? What would you explore? Where would you go? How would you feel? What would you see?

Spend some time with that today. Dig into your heart, your mind, or wherever it is that you 'store' your wildest imagination - and play in THAT open space for a while. The more time you spend there, and the more positive emotion you experience in that space, the happier you will become - AND (bonus!) the closer you bring that experience into your life.

You see, your vibration/energy literally changes (you'll feel it in your own body, if you're willing to pay attention), when you think about living your life without restriction. You'll feel it in your energy level, your happiness, your mood, your attitude, and your idea of what is possible for yourself.

Want proof? Right now, think about something freeing. Something that you would do with your day, your time whatever, if you had NO limitations. Time and money are not an issue. Physical strength and outside expectation are of no concern.  What would you be doing right now?
Then stop...think about bills that are following you around. Or physical limitations, arguments with family or friends. Debt. Sickness.
Feel the difference in your body? THINKING good just feels better, right? Thinking good ideas, dreams, plans, situations, opportunities, occurrences - that just FEELS better! If you want to feel better, think about good stuff! That'll change your mood, change your day, and possibly change your life!

So you see, thinking about negative, burdensome or 'bad' things, is what creates the illusion of your gate being closed. Yes, bills have to be paid, obligations need to be met, etc...but that doesn't mean that you can't live your life in joy, freedom, gratitude, excitement and curiosity.

Live TODAY as though someone left YOUR gate open. If it feels good - do it again tomorrow. And again the next day, and the next and the next!

Have FUN with this idea - and please let me know what comes up for you!
Until next time,


  1. My gate has been thrown WIDE open and I am ready to run through it and experience the world!

  2. Oh this post was so good! My energy levels and good feelings have started to run blazing through me! Thanks, Jill!

  3. You were right, you can totally feel a change, just by thinking!